Our services are what you need to drive promising revenues in your business and become the leading brand in the market. MSS(AN ISO 20000 - 1:2011 | 27001:2013 Company) enables you to expand your business potential, attract more customers and rope in profits.



MSS(AN ISO 20000 - 1:2011 | 27001:2013 Company) has partnered with various national and international banks to facilitate payment platform for last minute payments and transactions. We assist our partner banks to reduce costs for transactions by offering nominal rates. We offers end-to-end solutions to banks within 15 days of signing the agreement.



Consumerism being one of the most promising business strategies, MSS(AN ISO 20000 - 1:2011 | 27001:2013 Company) offers you on-the-go transaction services that satiates the demands of the customers. We offer a user-friendly, customized and protected payment platform form for banking, finance and investment enterprises to meet the requirements of their customers.



Retailers can digitize their business and accept payments online by integrating MSS(AN ISO 20000 - 1:2011 | 27001:2013 Company) payment platform without registration. Our mobile wallet and bank accounts linking feature allows merchants to pay tax and also enables mass disbursements to ensure smooth flow of business.



MSS(AN ISO 20000 - 1:2011 | 27001:2013 Company) has been successful in winning the trust of government with its efficient mobile payment platform. We offer cost effective solutions, at the same time increasing the reach and enhancing qualities of services offered by the government. We, at MSS, aim to provide solutions to the government that are in harmony with emerging economies. We intend to provide services for person-to-government payments, agricultural payments and healthcare payments.

money transfer

Money Transfer Companies

MSS(AN ISO 20000 - 1:2011 | 27001:2013 Company) is the silent partner you that offers features to drive foreign inward money transfer. Our payment platform enables recipients to receive money transfer in mobile wallets from their accounts through Peer-to-Bank services. We also offer postal cash services in collaborations with various banks and postal agencies.


Big Corporates

MSS(AN ISO 20000 - 1:2011 | 27001:2013 Company) assists enterprises to incorporate transaction system and receive electronic payments. Our payment platform assists corporate houses to make direct payments into the bank accounts or mobile wallets of customers. Our analytical payment platform also provides detailed statistics of the transactions made and helps in predicting consumer behavior to achieve business growth.


Gaming Industries

MSewa's objective is unifying the online gaming industry. Currently, there are several game prepaid cards in the market, but these prepaid cards lack the sophistication to meet the demands of online gamers today. MSewa's founders believe today's gamers need more than access to games, we believe gamers need flexibility & access to different communities where they can share their experiences and views. MSewa and its audience will pave the way for the future, with MSewa prepaid Card you can rest assured that MSewa will not fail you.