Product highlights

Our solution offers synchronization of business transactions congruous fund distribution with precision. Once integrated with your business payment platform, our application supports channels for safe, unswerving and easy operations.

Reliable Backend

Reliable Backend

To ensure the efficacy of our payment platform we have backed our product with various back-end functions to support smooth payments. MSS Payments(AN ISO 20000 - 1:2011 | 27001:2013 Company) is powered by J2EE and supported by MySQL database environment, we offer features like Fee Engine, Know Your Customer (KYC), Velocity Limits, Reporting and other services to payment networks and financial institutions.


Secured Open APIs

High security open APIs ensure high-end encryption to restrict fraudulent activities, multi-level user authentication and other security measures to provide a PCI/SAS compliant technology payment platform to meet the high performance standards and practices of the payments industry. The open APIs can be channeled to create and deploy MSS widgets smoothly. With the simple API integration procedure, merchants can leverage the money directly into their bank accounts in a global, multilingual marketplace.


Seamless Transactions

MSS(AN ISO 20000 - 1:2011 | 27001:2013 Company) simplifies settlements, reconciliations and funds transfer along with providing services like credit, debit and balances that are an integral part of business. The payment services are directly connected to the client interfaces in order to provide easier access to the payment services layer.


Multi-financial Instruments

We provides support for monetary transactions from bank accounts, stored value accounts and prepaid cards powering 10% of the global mobile money transactions. It also enables easy loading and unloading of funds from different depositories through various devices. Transactions can be done in real-time as well as non-real time configurations befitting the supported settlement cycles.

Benefits to Service Provider

Integrating MSS Payments to your business amplifies your brand visibility and market value

User-friendly mobile app wins the trust of users and attracts potential customers

Management of revenue and expenditure with our complete analytical payment platform

Tracks the malicious activities through our next-gen payment system on blockchain

Benefits to End User

Easier access to your money through MSS mobile wallet anytime anywhere

Ensured safety with VeriSign SSL Certificate encryption system

Outstanding global reach and easy authorization of transactions