MSS Payments launched prepaid cards which includes Visa, MasterCard & Rupay. The prepaid card is associated with a mobile app available at play store, iOS store & web which allows customers to load funds in the card and use it anywhere for payments.

  • Our Prepaid Card payment Platform enables companies to offer a suite of prepaid card services to cover multiple ranges of customers in the market.
  • Our clients belong to businesses & corporate groups that serve the end customer. Some of them prepaid card for their own business case such as onboarding program manager & launching their own forex travel prepaid card & expense management payment platform (e.g. Instarem Singapore, Viacarte Panama, etc.)
  • We have tied up with prepaid card processer and BIN provider to launch prepaid card services. We help our client to get connected with bank for BIN and allow them the freedom to launch the network prepaid card of their choices.
  • Our corporate clients use our prepaid card middleware payment platform for issuing General Purpose Reloadable prepaid Cards, Gift prepaid Cards or Multi-Currency Global Travel prepaid Cards for end users.
  • The mobile application associated with the Prepaid Card engine also allows customers for performing transactions such as recharge, bill payments, travel tickets, fund transfer & QR payments.
  • Currently we are processing transactions up to 300 Cr and are expecting it to grow up to 800-1000 Cr next year.

Genie - Prepaid Card Middleware Payment Platform

Genie is a middleware prepaid card management payment platform which can be directly integrated with the network or BIN sponsor partner. Assigning BIN series to multiple program manager can be easily handled with Genie. The prepaid card middleware payment platform is capable of issuing multi-currency Global travel prepaid card (upto 12 different currencies) along with multi pocket functionalities.


Autobots 2.0

We at MSS Payments have integrated all the major payment processors & prepaid card program partner into our Autobots 2.0 system and exposed Restful DMT APIs for our Clients to consume. This arrangement allows our client to issue prepaid cards by just integrating our DMT API in their existing engine.


Customized Portal

We at MSS Payments enable companies to launch their own customized portals for issuing prepaid cards. This involves the complete integration with payment processor, BIN Sponsor Bank & program manager. We provide module such as Super Admin, Admin, Corporate, Agent, Distributors, User application.