MSS Payments(AN ISO 20000 - 1:2011 | 27001:2013 Company) enables individuals/ organizations to benefit from our secure payment gateway not with holding their brand value.

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Digital Wallet

MSS Payments digital wallet has both a software and information component. The software provides security and encryption for the personal information and for the actual transaction. Our Digital Wallets offer real-time transactions to ease up our clients payment processes. Apart from digitized payments, our digital wallets are easily self-maintained and fully compatible with most e commerce/m commerce websites. Our Digital Wallet ensures the safety of your money and also offers various perks such as reward coupons, loyalty points, membership and score value prepaid cards.

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Airtime TopUp

You can avoid the hassle of mobile bills and visiting shops for prepaid top-ups. With MSS(AN ISO 20000 - 1:2011 | 27001:2013 Company), you can top up mobile airtime anywhere through your phones, handsets, across carriers as well as in real time. You can explore business opportunities and expand your network and connect with banks, retailers and carriers to open up engagement opportunities.

Biller Payment

Biller/Merchant Payments

Be it bill payments, funds transfer or merely ticket booking, you can make electronic payments instantly. You can connect multiple merchants to your payment network and make transactions simpler and faster. Create your own hub for business and shopping through your handset with MSS support.

Loop Cards

Open/Closed Loop prepaid Cards

Our Prepaid card payment platform enables customers to generate a virtual prepaid card through the mobile application to shop anytime and anywhere. MSS(AN ISO 20000 - 1:2011 | 27001:2013 Company) also offers a Physical prepaid Card that can be used for various transactions including money withdrawal from ATM. Adding funds to the mobile wallet is also possible through cash prepaid cards and cash-in services. We supports both banked and unbanked users.

Analytical Platform

Complete Analytical Payment Platform

Keep a track of your revenue and expenditure with our analytical services. MSS(AN ISO 20000 - 1:2011 | 27001:2013 Company) provides a complete statistical chart of your transactions and payment activities. This feature enables micromanagement of your funds, offers an insight into the behavior of the customer and helps you enhance consumer engagement.


End-to-end Services

MSS(AN ISO 20000 - 1:2011 | 27001:2013 Company) offers 24x7 services and on-demand customer support for transactional updates and mobile app assistance. Transparency and reconciliation are the core of our payment platform. We offers detailed transaction information, virtual account summary, analysis. We also provides assistance for settlements with business correspondence and aggregator.